Christmas pickle

I did loads of cooking over Christmas and new year, but then was too distracted to post anything on the blog. So, here’s an update on how I made Aunty Kuppu’s amazing vegetable pickle for Christmas.


Cutting up the vegetables was a lot of work, but the actual cooking was easy. I used the blender to make the spice paste, before cooking up the whole lot in a large wok.


I did make one change from the recipe though. The amount of sugar seemed excessive in this health-conscious age, so – although no one has ever complained – I reduced the amount of sugar in the recipe from 7 1/2 oz to five. It turned out great, with a nice balance of hot, salty and sweet.

It was also pretty spicy. If you don’t like pickle that’s hot enough to make your nose run, then I suggest to reduce the number of dried chillies by about four. Of course, it depends on the heat factor of the type of chillies you’re using.

For scalding the vegetables, I didn’t have the patience to hold successive individual bits in boiling water with a pair of chopsticks, as prescribed. Instead, I dumped boiling water over each batch of cut-up veg in a colander, quickly turning out the lot on a big plate to cool, so the vegetables wouldn’t cook in their own steam.

I’m so glad I made the effort. Aren’t the colours beautiful and festive?


On Christmas eve we had it with homemade beef rendang. After Christmas, some of us liked it on the side to jazz up the leftover turkey.

I wouldn’t say this is the quickest recipe, but it really makes a meal special. Christmas is over, but hey…Chinese New Year is on the way.


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