Tribute recipes: Homemade rosemary loaf

Since I started blogging, I’ve learned some new recipes from fellow bloggers and other kind people. In WordPress-land, people have time to share tips and offer encouragement. Hence this series of tributes to the blogs and people I’ve been learning from.

I was very pleased with the result of this baking experiment, as it turned out looking a lot like the picture on the Frugal Feeding post, which is where I got the recipe.

Before it went into the oven…


…and voila (excuse the blurry picture from my phone).


You know it’s good when the family leaves not a crumb.

I’ve made this loaf twice now, and the first time was better. The second time, I cut down on the amount of salt, and the result was not as good. So, now we know.

As my son says, “Is the secret recipe extra salt?”


2 responses

    • It’s easy, just make sure your yeast is fresh. I use the sort in sachets because when I buy it in larger quantities I only get to use some and then the rest of it “dies” before I can use it. I think the basic thing everyone gets to know is when you have kneaded the dough enough – that magic moment when the dough goes from being just flour, water and yeast, to holding together together in a springy, elastic, ball.

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