About me

I grew up in a Malaysian coastal town, Johor Bahru, a crossroads of many food cultures. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work, travel, live and eat in many different places.

I travel with a box of old recipes, and an abiding sense of nostalgia. I cook to remember and to imagine.

You’ve heard of armchair travellers. Well, I am a kitchen traveller.

My name is Delia Paul, and this blog is a loose collection of stories and recipes about the food I cook at my current home in Bangkok.


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  2. Dear Delia,
    I stumbled upon your blog while researching for sugee fruitcake recipes to see what other sugee fruitcake recipes there were out there.
    I had a lovely recipe from my Grand Aunt, Mrs Bee Jin Kuppusamy, (she was my granny’s baby sister), which I have been using year in, year out. When I looked at the recipe you posted which was titled Aunty Kuppu’s Fruitcake recipe, I was wondering if you were referring to my grand aunt as the recipe is so similar.
    Just wanted to know.
    Warm regards,
    Kate Khoo

    • Dear Kate,

      How nice to hear from you! Yes, Aunty Kuppu was B.J. Kuppusamy. She was head of Durian Daun Girls School in Malacca. She was a dear family friend. My mother, Chein Ee Joo (known as Mrs Paul, after marriage) was a friend of hers from Malacca days.

      In fact I have a number of recipes from Aunty Kuppu, which she was kind enough to write down for me. There is another of her recipes on this blog for vegetable pickle (Penang Acar) and I also have a few others in her handwriting, that I’ve not typed up yet. I’d be happy to share any recipes with you.

      By the way the fruitcake was such a hit, my cousin Ann Jebaratnam (of the “Fabulous Sugar” blog) made it this year and sent it to me from KL.

      Have a great Christmas, and thanks for writing!

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