Apple and macadamia crumble

I’ve made this crumble recipe many times before – usually with walnuts, occasionally with almonds, and sometimes throwing in some mango along with the apple.

In Nairobi this week, I picked up a couple bags of organic macadamia nuts. One bite, and I realized I’d never eaten really good, fresh macadamias before. This topping, using some of the Kenyan macadamias, is absolutely the best.

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How to make thosai – or it is dosai?

I always wanted to know how to make thosai. Or, as my Indian friends from India (not from Malaysia) would say, dosai.

Living in Petaling Jaya in the ‘80s, this was one of my favourite dinners, if someone was driving over to Oldtown: wafer-thin “paper thosai” large enough to wrap your head in, crisp and golden with a filling of masala potato.

However, friends would always say, “Nah… too much work.” Indeed – why make it at home when you can go out for a nice fresh one, cooked by a specialist. So we always ate shop thosai, unless friends made us some at their home. But this was rare. Generally they would pop over to their local Indian shop for it too.

Recently, my friend Unaicy kindly provided a recipe. Making it wasn’t so hard – it just came down to a matter of timing.

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Pineapple buttermilk cake

After the dried lemon interlude, I was still in the mood for something light and tangy. We had some buttermilk sitting around in the fridge, so I adapted this recipe from my handy 2009 delicious.Baking book.

Instead of apricots as recommended in the recipe, I used some lovely ripe pineapple.

Here’s a close-up of that topping, with fresh pineapple, lemon juice and chopped almonds. Luscious, no?

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