Tribute recipes: Toffee Chocolate Cupcakes

A bit pressed for time lately, so I’ll be posting some of my failsafe options – the ones I do without having to think too hard. They include some of the recipes I’ve picked up from fellow bloggers.

Today’s recipe comes from my lovely cousin Ann – something she concocted in someone else’s kitchen while on holidays. I’ve ended up making this more often than she has – probably something to do with my children’s preference for chocolate, and not much else. Continue reading


Pineapple buttermilk cake

After the dried lemon interlude, I was still in the mood for something light and tangy. We had some buttermilk sitting around in the fridge, so I adapted this recipe from my handy 2009 delicious.Baking book.

Instead of apricots as recommended in the recipe, I used some lovely ripe pineapple.

Here’s a close-up of that topping, with fresh pineapple, lemon juice and chopped almonds. Luscious, no?

And here is my adaptation:  Continue reading

Suji cake

I’m having coffee with some ladies this afternoon, so I made a suji (semolina) cake. This is an old-fashioned cake I remember from childhood, when eating cake was an event restricted to birthdays and special visits to or from family friends. Cakes were not usually frosted, unless they were shop-bought. I don’t believe it was possible to purchase cream anywhere in our town at the time.

Instead, for general cake icing, a mid-70s edition of Ellice Handy’s “My Favourite Recipes” on my shelf suggests to cream butter and sugar with a little flavouring. But most recipes in the book were for plain cakes; in that still-frugal age, the use of butter, sugar and eggs together would have been considered sufficiently festive. In the same book, the author provides a recipe for Orange Cake, marked “quite rich”, which departs from the basic recipe with the addition of an extra egg (bringing the grand total used to three). I wonder what this lady would think of today’s cheesecakes and tortes.

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